Urban and peri-urban agriculture (UPA) can be defined as the practice of cultivating plants and of animal husbandry in or around the cities. This type of agriculture allows the production of different food products such as grains, roots, vegetables, fungi, fruits as well as non-food products – medicinal ,aromatic and ornamental plants -.

So far, hydroponics in Spain was associated to the industrial facilities for large plantations. The company NGS®, dedicated to the manufacturing, marketing and installation worldwide its own, unique and patented Recirculating Hydroponic System without substrate has launched to the market the first hydroponic vegetable-garden for small or domestic spaces: “MINICAMP”.

Minicamp allows the combination of urban and hydroponic agriculture in small spaces. The urban garden can be up to 15 times more productive than the rural farms: a space of barely one square meter can provide more than 20 kg of food per year. Urban garden represents a new concept to bridge the gap between production and consumer. This “new concept” of urban agriculture will not replace the traditional systems but it can complement those by adding new values.

Is there anything more natural than growing your vegetables at home?+ info
…at your flat, villa, at the country …where you want.+ info
What you want, when you want, from “Minicamp” to your table.+ info


  • There is no need of land preparation.
  • No physical efforts are required.
  • It is clean.
  • You don’t need to be an expert in agriculture.
  • It is enough with the knowledge and resources of each person.
  • All the family can participate without age discrimination.
  • Weather events have no effect on it.
  • Suitable for any type of space.
  • It is possible to grow out of season.
  • Plant precocity.
  • Crops are not affected by soil pests.
  • It is possible to grow in cities and small spaces or penthouses.
  • Water savings because of the recirculating system.
  • No polluting waste.