NGS system is a substrate less growing system based on the circulation of the nutrient solution through a polyethylene multilayer trough. The arrangement of the different layers allows the collection of the nutrient solution at the end of each crop line by means of a funnel and it is led by a drainage pipe to the tank from where it departed, resulting thus in a closed circuit. We are therefore talking about a hydroponic closed recirculating system which optimizes the water and fertilizers applied to the crop through the nutrient solution.

The size of Minicamp is ideal for any terrace or porch. Thanks to its space-saving, we can enjoy at home of our own vegetable garden with enough capacity to host different types of crops and to supply fresh vegetables and herbs regularly.

Dimensions: 76,8 cm wide, 126,3 cm long and 62,5 cm high.

Should you have any doubt concerning the total space occupied by the Minicamp, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

1- Table with multilayer and pipes already installed.
2- Water deposit with handles and a retaining system.
3- A water pump.
4- Water timer.
5- Two bottles of nutrient solution: Fertilizer 1 and Fertilizer 2.
6- A pack of jiffis – cubes where to place the seeds –
7- A user´s guide.

As an example, we give you some indications about some crops

Large crops (tomatoes,…) : their estimated growing and development cycle is 4 months, obtaining two harvests a year.

Small crops (lettuces,…) : their estimated growing and development cycle is 2 months, obtaining from 3 to 4 harvests a year.

The time spent is very little; you only need to watch that the deposit remains always with nutrient solution in it and that the pump and the water timer work properly.

It is recommended to control the water tank and the proper working of the pump and watering timer daily

The fertilizers recommended for the MINICAMP are available either at garden centers and nurseries or at our web site

The seeds and the seedlings can be acquired from any nursery and they do not have special characteristics. In principle, all types of seeds for small crops are suitable: lettuce, celery, chard, parsley, cherry tomato…

All type of small crops and cut flowers. Aromatic herbs, cherry tomato, lettuces, chards, geranium and even it is possible to plant saffron. For further information, please check our growing guide.

It is advisable to change the water of the deposit weekly in order to avoid the accumulation of salts.

If we use seeds, it is not necessary to fertilize them till the first leaves appear. If we use seedlings, fertilizer needs to be added to water from day one.

The dose is indicated in the bottles of fertilizers.

If temperature is higher than 25ºC it is advisable to reduce the fertilizer dose at half.

Irrigation intervals need to be assigned (from 30 to 120 minutes) depending on the temperature the plants are subjected to. Watering needs to be made only during the day.

If we use seeds, when sowing them it is not necessary to irrigate them continuously, it will be enough with keeping the cotton and the pot wet.